Cemetery Guidance and Rules


The Cemetery at Newport is a Municipal Authority facility managed as a public open space and is not, therefore, consecrated to purely Christian Burials. Should a particular faith burial be required please contact the Burial Clerk to Newport Parish Council or your Funeral Services Director for more advice.

Interments in the closed churchyard are the responsibility of the Parochial Church Council for St Stephens Church, Newport.

Hours of opening:

The cemetery, churchyard and garden of remembrance are open to the public during daylight hours throughout the year, but Newport Parish Council reserves the right to exclude the public if it should be necessary on any particular occasion. Such days and hours may be varied but notice will be given at the sites.

Hours of burial:

Burials shall normally take place on Mondays to Fridays inclusive, and they must not start before 9am. The time arranged for burial shall be that of arrival at the graveside. Only in cases of emergency shall burials be permitted on Saturday, Sunday, or any public holiday, when the certificate of a coroner or registered medical practitioner notifying that immediate burial is necessary, shall be required.

Notice of burial:

Notice of burial must be given to the Burial Clerk at least 3 working days prior to the interment. At least two working days (exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and all public holidays) must elapse between the day on which notice of burial is given and the day of the interment.

Interments may take place without the services of a clergyman or minister of religion. All information required on the official form must be provided.


All charges and fees for interments and purchase of grave spaces shall be paid for at the time of the order, unless agreed otherwise. All fees for memorials shall be paid prior to their erection.

Cremated Remains:

A suitable receptacle containing the ashes of a cremated person may be buried in a plot for which the exclusive right of burial has been purchased in the Garden of Remembrance. The plot must not exceed 18” (450mm) square. Only two receptacles containing the ashes of a cremated person may be buried in one plot.

The Committee does not allow the scattering of ashes in any part of the Cemetery.

Digging and depth of graves:

The depth of every grave (whether or not the exclusive right of burial has been purchased) is controlled by Newport Parish Council. No grave shall be deepened after the first burial. There must be no disturbance of any previously interred remains. No part of any coffin shall be less than three feet below the level of the ground.

Newport Parish Council does not undertake the digging of ashes plots or graves. Responsibility for this rests with the funeral director. Grave diggers must adhere to the Code of Practice for Grave Digging, and safe working procedures.


All memorials and inscriptions must face east.

Headstones must be upright or desktop style. Upright headstones are limited to a maximum height of 4’6” (1370mm) above ground and a maximum width of 2’6” (760mm), x 4” (100mm) deep. Memorials (including replacements) erected in the cemetery will be installed in accordance with the standards laid down by the National Association of Memorial Masons (N.A.M.M.) in existence at the time of installation and All with due consideration of cemetery ground conditions. Concrete bases for headstones must be a minimum depth of 3”.

The flower holder may not extend beyond the front of the headstone. Flower holders may be integral to the base of the headstone. No freestanding flower holders are allowed.

Desktop style memorials should be not more than 2’ (620mm) x 2’ (620mm) square, with a maximum height of 4” (100mm).

No other type of installation system of memorial is permitted.

  • Plaques in the Garden of Remembrance must be 18” (450mm) x 18” (450mm) only, laid flat, at ground level. In special circumstances variations to this rule will be considered by Newport Parish Council on application. In order to prevent damage to plaques or mowing equipment, gullies around plaques are not permitted.

  • Details of headstones and plaques, to include type of stone, colour, inscriptions, proposed etchings, photographs etc. to be erected at the site must be submitted to the Clerk for approval (usually via the stonemason), before installation.
  • Installation of upright memorials must not take place earlier than six months after interment.
  • Temporary memorials other than small wooden crosses and grave markers are not allowed.
  • All memorials are to be kept clean and in good repair by owners, or their lawful successors.
  • Newport Parish Council will not be responsible for any damage to monuments, gravestones and other structures other than damage occasioned by the negligence of its officers, agents or workmen.
  • No fee will be charged for the erection of the memorials provided by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission on Service Graves.
  • No fee will be charged for private memorials erected by relatives over Services Graves, or inscriptions on memorials commemorating members serving in HM Forces at time of death.
  • No kerbs of any kind (stones, wooden, plastic or otherwise) are permitted around any graves or cremation plots.
  • Only 1 memorial per burial is legally permitted – for example: 1 headstone with or without integral flower vase or 1 cremated remains plaque with or without integral flower vase. Extra paving slabs underneath cremated remains plaques will not be permitted.


Excessive dressing of the graves or memorial stones is not permitted, and this includes scarves, ribbons, soft toys, ornaments, tinsel etc. Newport Parish Council holds the right to remove such items as and when necessary.

For further advice, please contact the Burial Clerk for assistance.

Stone chippings and bark mulch are not permitted on the graves or cremation plots.

No bushes, plants, vases or objects of any description to be permitted on the grave space other than the inclusion of a flower holder set within the plinth of the headstone or within a plaque.

Spring bulbs may be planted under the turf of a grave space. Remembrance Day Poppies and Christmas Wreaths may be laid at the base of any memorial. These will be removed if remaining after two months.

Planting of bulbs or plants outside the plaque in the Garden of Remembrance is not permitted.

Newport Parish Council cannot accept any liability for damage to flowers or wreaths whilst maintaining the site.

General rules:

  • No trees are to be planted without the permission of Newport Parish Council
  • No games or sports to be played in the cemetery
  • Dogs to be kept on leads and under control with all waste removed
  • No children under the age of 12 allowed in the cemetery unless accompanied by a responsible adult
  • Visitors shall not pick, cut, fell or remove from the site any flower, tree or shrub: not sit on any memorial, monument, headstone or structure other than a seat provided for the purpose
  • Litter and withered flowers and tributes should be placed in the appropriate receptacle or removed by person from the site
  • The registers, records, tables of fees and plan of the site are available for inspection with the Clerk during normal office hours without charge
  • Visitors to the site are asked to behave in a quiet and orderly manner so as to preserve the quiet reverence and peaceful atmosphere
  • Newport Parish Council reserves the right to alter or add to these regulations
  • The Burial Clerk will be pleased to render whatever help or advice is needed.