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4-step plan

A 4-step plan (or roadmap) to ease lockdown restrictions in England was announced on Monday, 22 February 2021. We are now in step 4 of the plan.

There will be a minimum of 5 weeks between each step to limit the risk of infections and hospitalisations, with at least 1 week’s advance notice of the changes in restrictions.

Restrictions will be lifted across the whole of England at the same time with no return to regional tiers.

Until all restrictions are eased, we should continue to follow National Lockdown: Stay at home guidance

Step 4 – From Monday, 19 July

  • Meeting others
    All legal limits on social contact will be removed.
  • Life events
    Any number of people can attend weddings and other ceremonial events.
  • Social gatherings
    All remaining businesses and events, including nightclubs, can open.
For Links to East Riding of Yorkshire Council Emergency Assistance please click here

Newport Parish Council meet on the second Tuesday of every month to discuss issues that affect village life across the parish of Newport. There are 11 local Councillors who volunteer to serve the local community helping to improve the villages and support community projects.

If you have any comments, concerns or ideas of how we can improve your village please let us know. You can contact the Parish Clerk by sending a message via this website,  or pop along to one of the meetings. There is a 15 minute public forum at the start of each meeting where you are welcome to speak in respect of the business on the agenda.