Newport Primary School

Newport School was originally built in 1880, a beautiful Victorian building which is as colourful and lively on the inside as the outside is ornate and historical. In the last few years the school has almost doubled in side and has gone from 4 small classes to 6 classes, utilising the space around the school. Throughout history Newport School has actually had around 185 pupils at the school and we have the old school diaries dating back to 1880 depicting all the challenges and adventures overtime. The school now has just over 160 pupils and has a super reputation in the surrounding area and with the East Riding of Yorkshire Authority. We cook healthy lovely fresh meals for over 110 pupils a day and make sure they have a wide choice.We are still an Authority maintained school and do not currently have plans to convert to an academy. We have great creative and dedicated teachers and a strong family ethos within the school. We believe we have all the skills necessary and strong leadership in which we are able to keep providing a super education for our children and a wealth of wonderful opportunities. We are also well supported by our Authority and have a great well informed group of Governors.We are lucky that we have extensive grounds and use the wider grounds in all subjects, we have rota themed days which help the children bond with other children and reduces any risk of bullying or unkindness as normally the older children take care and nurture the younger children. Each child is taught on Rota days by all the different teachers so we know each other very well and this helps us all to be kind and considerate and work as a team.We are a group of teachers who all have different strengths and passions ensuring that we have a great coverage in the curriculum – we respect individual strengths, achievements, qualities and cherish peoples unique individual skills. This helps us to see that each and everyone has a quality or talent or skill and know it is our job to help the children find their own. It is a wonderful place to learn and to work and is the heart of the community.In normal times we invite the community in for community cupcakes and show them all the amazing work we do.

Debby O’Connell

Newport Primary School
Main Road
Newport, Brough
East Yorkshire, HU15 2PP
Tel/Fax: 01430 440259

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