Saint Stephen’s Church

St. Stephen’s Church  was “gifted” between 1897 and 1899 and built from local stone at a cost of £7,000. The land and money for the building of the Church was given by Mr Thomas Whitaker of Everthorpe Hall, who with his wife is buried at the east end of the graveyard. It is called the “spite church”. Because of the traditional rivalry between the two villages of Newport and Gilberdyke it was to be built between the villages so it did not belong to one or the other.

Revd Lyn Kenny (MA) is the Vicar of Newport & Gilberdyke, Blacktoft & Laxton, and lives at the vicarage, Revd Kenny has been the Vicar for over a year and has previously lived in Newport before undertaking her current role, and was at the time on the Newport Village Hall Committee.

As well as being a church carrying out Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals which regularly draw in crowds of 200 – 300 people. Revd Kenny hosts many community events and has had a new kitchen donated by Howdens and has made space in the Church to create a cafe area.

The HuB@St Stephens as it is now known is turning St Stephens in a ‘real heart of the community’ location

running events like “Bizkits n Brew” on Mondays from 1 – 3pm a parent and pre school group, although anyone is welcome whatever their age.

Prior to the current COVID-19 pandemic The HuB@ St Stephens was hosting other afternoon events including a community choir, book club, it is hopeed that some of these ventures will resume in September (check back on this website for the latest information) and it is also hoped to run relaxation classes.

You can find out more information on Saint Stephens Church on ‘A Church near you‘ . On Facebook searching The HuB@St Stephens or using the details below.

Revd Lyn Kenny (MA)
Team Vicar- Howden Team Ministry
Vicar of Newport & Gilberdyke, Blacktoft & Laxton
01430 266042