ERYC Parish and Ward – Notice of Election 4th May 2023

Please find below links to  two notices of election for the forthcoming elections being held on 4 May 2023. They are:

  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council Ward Notice of Election
  • East Riding Parishes Notice of Election

ERYC Parishes – Notice of Election

ERYC Wards – Notice of Election

Further information from the National Association of Local Councils is available via the following link.



The relevant nomination forms are available on the website and may be downloaded, completed and printed off for submission.

 Information for candidates (

Please note the following important points:

  • The Notice of Election will be published on Friday 17 March 2023 and the nomination period will open on Monday 20 March 2023.
  • Nominations will close promptly at 4pm on 4 April 2023. Nomination forms have to be submitted in person to Electoral Services, County Hall, Cross Street, Beverley, HU17 9BA.
  • Due to the large volume of nomination papers that are normally submitted, candidates (or their representative) are being asked to make an appointment to submit their nomination forms. To book an appointment, please call 01482 393300.
  • Candidates are strongly advised to send in their forms ahead of formal submission so that an informal check can be undertaken. These will need to be sent in electronically by e-mail to I would remind candidates that once nominations have been submitted, alterations cannot be made (apart from to correct very minor errors).
  • If a candidate is standing for a political party, please ensure that Form 2 (Certificate of Authorisation), or if a separate Certificate of Authorisation) is being used, this is signed by a person authorised to sign on behalf of the Nominating Officer. To help with this and to avoid any undue delay, could I please ask that the electoral services team receive the proper written notification from the political party concerned. This is often called a certificate of delegated authority for the nomination of candidates and the use of a party emblem or something similar. This provides the confirmation that the person signing Form 2 does have the authority of the political party’s nominating officer to act on their behalf with regards to the nomination of candidates.
  • Candidates will become eligible for a free copy of the electoral register for the parish in which you are standing. The earliest date they can officially become a candidate is the 27 March 2023, which is the last day that the Notice of Election can be published. We appreciate that candidates will want to start completing their forms as early as possible and we are encouraging the submission of papers from 20 March 2023. Any candidate wanting help with the elector numbers of their subscribers before they are able to be supplied with a copy of the electoral register, should contact the electoral services team either by e-mail on or telephone 01482 393300. Please note that the elector numbers used must be from the electoral register in force at the time of the publication of the Notice of Election, so this will be the March 2023 register update.
  • A briefing for all validly nominated candidates will take place on Monday 17 April 2023 at 6pm. Details will be sent to all those candidates concerned.

Voter ID

 You will be aware that the Election Act 2022 has introduced voter identification at polling stations. Whilst there are various information and awareness campaigns being run by the electoral commission nationally, supplemented by local authorities local and regionally, I would like to encourage all candidates to help in making voters aware of the need to ensure they have an acceptable form of photographic ID with them when visiting the polling station on polling day. Ahead of polling day, a voter who does not have one of the forms of photo ID, can apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate.

Further information about this can be found at Voter ID | Electoral Commission Information is also available on the Council’s website at