COVID-19 Meetings Update

During the current COVID-19 pandemic Newport Parish Council will conduct meetings online via the Zoom meeting platform.

Meeting ID’s and passwords will be given on this website and also displayed in any agenda.

Once you join the meeting you will be placed in the ‘waiting room’ and then given access to the meeting from the meeting administrator. This is in line with Zoom’s best practice and will become a requirement for using the Zoom platform.
Please ensure that you have a identifying user name, should you need to be addressed during the open forum.

As we have previously communicated, starting September 27th, 2020, we will be requiring that all meetings have a Passcode or Waiting Room enabled. We have designed these security measures to give you control over your meeting security options while keeping the join experience as frictionless as possible.

Details on how to use Zoom on a number of different devices can be found directly on Zooms website.